Detailed analysis determined that the tight confines of the existing plotspace did not allow for such a plant upgrade. Newcrest planned instead to build a greenfield plant outside the town, which would also reduce noise and dust within the town itself. This project would take four years.

To maintain cashflow through this period, Jord identified redundant equipment that could be removed to free up floor space. Further modifications to the plant flowsheet could also make better use of existing equipment. This creative reconfiguration allowed a second filter press to be installed within the existing building. The brownfield upgrade was executed within 12 months, allowing Newcrest to bring forward its doubling of production while deferring the $50 million capital spend for a new plant.

When the time came, Jord was awarded the detailed design and construction of the new facility. This new plant contains two highly automated membrane chamber filter presses with rapid cycle times, perfectly suited to the dewatering of this copper concentrate slurry with a minimum of operator involvement. Both the machines and the plant layout are designed with operability and maintainability in mind, allowing safe and efficient operation of the plant over the duration of the design life.