The first ACC was big, condensing 460 tons per hour of steam for a 120 MW power plant that converts municipal waste into electricity for the city grid.  Two dozen fans, each 32ft in diameter, use clean air as the medium to condense this steam.  Despite being located near the ocean, air rather than water was selected as the condensing medium, for its considerable environmental benefits. Close attention was paid to safe erection of the ACC, given the elevation of the fan drive decks, some 20m off the suspended floor below them.

The second ACC – the David of the two – is an order of magnitude smaller, producing just 2.8 MW of power.   But its purpose is noble, using as its fuel source the not inconsiderable tree clippings harvested from the roadsides of this tropical island.  Space constraint was an issue on this project, as the accompanying image attests.  Designing the structure to accommodate this elevated ACC proved a considerable challenge.