Our boiler systems draw on the intellectual property of RCR Energy Pty Ltd (acquired in May 2019), including a perpetual, global and royalty free license from Alstom Technology Ltd, as well as our own proprietary knowledge.

Jord specialises in more difficult industrial boiler applications, such as refinery or petrochemical applications, that involve rigorous specification compliance or multiple fuel sources. Jord boilers cater to multiple firing options; bio-mass, natural gas, oil or coal.
Examples include a multi-fueled 120 ton/hr industrial package boiler for Chandra Asri Petrochemical Plant in Indonesia, or two heavily supplementary firing modular HRSG’s delivered to run off Frame 6 gas turbines in a Thai Oil refinery.

Another specialisation is the conversion of open (simple) cycle gas fired power plants to combined cycle. Most recently, we upgraded and converted a 92MW power plant into a 119MW plant in Senipah Indonesia, commissioning the plant started in November, 2019.

Jord boiler technology is especially suitable for biomass applications, where calorific material that would otherwise be wasted can be processed to generate steam and/or electricity. This may be re-used in a plant or distributed through the electricity grid. Conversion of bagasse (the stalks of sugar cane after the juice has been extracted) into power is a good example.