Given today’s stringent legislation and investor expectations, clean air systems must be highly effective and reliable, be they for solid particulates, hazardous or greenhouse gases, organic vapours or any combination of emissions.

We look to balance various variables, such as energy efficiency with capital cost and plant operability. A further consideration is allowing the flexibility to meet the potential future standards without costly modifications.

Our technologies include:

Packed towers and high-energy venturi scrubbers

Wet or dry electrostatic precipitators (ESPs and WESPs)

Selective catalytic reducers (SCR) that use Shell's CRI Catalyst systems, offering lower pressure drops and higher activities at lower temperatures than conventional systems.

Flue gas desulfurisation and VOC abatement

These technologies can be applied to any toxic, hazardous and odorous gases, including hydrochloric and other halogenic acids; hydrogen sulphide; sulphur dioxide; chlorine; sulphuric acid and sulphuric acid mist. In most applications, our technology can remove 99.99% of the offending matter.

Whilst the bulk of our references are greenfield projects, a number involve retrofits of existing plants to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.