Minerals beneficiation is any process that improves the economic value of an ore, by removing the gangue material.  This results in a higher grade product (concentrate) and a waste stream (tailings).  Jord has a range of technology to treat both streams.  These principally involve vacuum filtration, pressure filtration or flotation.  Jord expertise spans all the important mineral ore types.

Our vacuum and pressure filtration technology is designed for high tonnage mining applications. An emphasis is placed on creating maximum plant availability, operational reliability and safety. Automation and simple controls ensure the filters are easy to operate and maintain. They provide real-time feedback to the plant operator.

To select the optimum process solution for a specific mineral concentrate or tailings application, laboratory and pilot-scale testing are typically undertaken.  An important objective is to select a technology that provides the optimal balance of upfront capex and ongoing opex.

Recent projects have pushed the envelope of modular design, ensuring a rapid and effective installation, and minimising the leadtime until plant commissioning.