Jord’s topside module expertise covers all process design applications typical for Jack-Up Rigs and Floating Production and Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels.  Typically, each module caters to a different aspect of the overall process. Jord offers a one-stop shop in the design and construction of all such process systems.

For example, hydrocarbon liquids typically need de-salting and stabilising, to meet sales quality specifications.  So too associated natural gas, which once separated, requires conditioning and compressing prior to export via pipeline.  Produced water, generated as a by-product of the hydrocarbon fluids, requires separation and treatment prior to disposal.  Finally, there are anxiliary services, such as power generation, chemical injection, fuel gas treatment, closed drain and flare systems.

Jord’s topside experience caters to all the above processes.  In the case of floating FPSO’s, particular care must be taken to ensure process design handles the pitch and roll of the vessel, as it absorbs the force of the ocean swell.

The size and weight of the modules also needs careful consideration.  Factors the influence final selection include.  Jord will seek to select them as large as practical, that can also optimise the project schedule and capital cost.