We supply complete solutions and bespoke equipment, including offshore topside modules, gas compression balance of plant, gas treatment and separation systems, condensate treatment systems, air coolers and condensers and produced water systems, for recovery of valuable liquids associated with natural gas.

BROADENING TECHNOLOGY. We’ve been serving the industry since the 1970’s with regular supply of heat transfer equipment to petroleum refineries. Over time, we broadened our technologies to include various gas, condensate and produced water treatment systems. Today, our dedicated oil and gas division, called Jord Oil and Gas Systems B.V., focuses on offshore gas platform topside development and onshore gas compression and processing systems. We’re also developing various FEED concepts to cope with ongoing field depletions, to reduce gas flaring and its associated environmental burden, and to maintain oil production by boosting or injecting associated gas or produced water.

PROVEN PROJECT DELIVERY CAPABILITIES. Our team has a high focus on modular delivery for reduced installation price, cycle time and risk. Recent examples of our oil and gas industry installations include: 3,000 tons of topsides and pipe bridge for a jack up rig in Mexico; EPC delivery of an onshore gas compression and produced water facility in Oman; 27 air coolers for a gas plant in Saudi Arabia; fuel gas treatment modules for a gas plant in Iraq; a sulphate treatment plant for an offshore gas platform in Angola; condensate stabilisation and produced water modules for an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) in India and a gas dehydration system for a gas pipeline project in Australia.


Offshore topside modules for FPSOs, jack-up rigs and fixed platforms.

Gas compression balance of plant typically in modular form, for any onshore or offshore application.

Gas treatment and separation systems for CO2, H2S or mercury removal, for gas dehydration, and for two and three phase separation.

Condensate treatment systems for recovery of valuable liquids associated with natural gas.

Air coolers and condensers many thousands of which have been delivered over many decades to all parts of the world.

Produced water systems for environmental safeguarding and where possible, re-use of this valuable resource.

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