With a long history developing innovative solutions for both baseload and renewable power, our team has developed a strong reputation for custom-designing, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing process plant for the global power generation industry.


Steam-cycle heat exchangers and in particular air-cooled condensers(ACCs)that condense steam under vacuum as it exits a steam turbine, for recycling to a boiler.

Boiler systems such as heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and packaged boilers for power plants up to 150MW, especially where there is a degree of complexity, such as dual fired plants.

Turbine auxiliary systems, usually supplied in modular form for various applications relating to gas and steam turbines. For example, fuel gas treatment and delivery, lube oil conditioning, water cooling and nitrogen oxides (NOx) control.

Clean air systems such as wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs), flue gas desulphurisation (FGDs) and other gas scrubbing systems that tackle complex plant emission applications to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

GAS TURBINES STRETCHING EFFICIENCY LEVELS. We thrive on undertaking new challenges and are always proud to deliver world firsts. A good example is our involvement in delivering a 1,160MW combined cycle power plant (CCPP) to Florida Light and Power at the Dania Beach Clean Energy Centre in the USA. This was the first plant to use GE’s latest generation turbine, the 60 Hz 7HA. 03. In combined cycle, this plant has attained an impressive, world leading 64% efficiency. Our responsibility was to deliver the ‘Prime Package’ modules for each of the two 430MW gas turbines. A Prime Package comprises the fuel and lube delivery systems, as well as the related air extraction and drainage systems.

THE TORQUE OF 88 FERRARI’S. We have a solid track record in delivering more than 2,000 turbine accessory modules for dozens of gas and steam turbine applications. One of our most complex projects was a gas turbine ‘Starting Means’ module. This was custom-designed to reliably start and quickly move into full speed. To achieve this critical function, our module produces 37.9 kNm of torque at 3000 rpm. This is equal to 88 Ferrari’s running at full throttle. The success of this module relies on ultra-precise alignment and the delivery of equipment built to last.  Reliable performance over the long term depends on preserving the integrity of a 40 ton turbine shaft that often operates at 1,200 degrees celcius.