Refining and Chemicals should be viewed in its widest interpretation here, to cover the depth and breadth of our capabilities.  It encompasses petroleum, petrochemical and chemical production, as well as fertilisers, explosives and pharmaceutical production.


BESPOKE PLANT AND SYSTEMS. The world is entering a new era as demand for chemicals surges and new technologies are being developed. With five decades of experience and a track record delivering more than $5 billion worth of plant in over 100 countries around the world, we are well positioned to deliver a variety of solutions tailored to our customer’s changing needs. For a Malaysian Refinery, we designed and constructed automatic backwash filter modules to protect hydrocracker catalyst beds. For a Chinese major Sinopec, we supplied seawater strainer modules for a refinery in Iran.  In adjacent Iraq, we designed and constructed 3,000 tons of heat transfer exchangers and vessels.  And for a Saudi Arabian polycarbonate plant, our scope involved 700 tons of bespoke vent gas scrubber modules.

REPEAT CHEMICAL CUSTOMERS ACROSS SIX CONTINENTS. Over the past 50 years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a number of key customers on a truly global basis. For example, we were repeatedly selected by Dow Chemical to design and fabricate dry cooling systems for its polyethylene plants in Europe, North America, South America and throughout Asia and the Middle East.  While the technical specifications for these plants were fundamentally the same, the vastly different ambient conditions in each location demanded close attention. We applied subtle changes in the design tailored to each location to meet unique thermal performance parameters.

OUR SAUDI ARABIA SUBSIDIARY. In recent decades, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has actively sought out secondary and tertiary process applications for its petroleum and chemical resources, which has opened up many opportunities for our business. To date, we’ve delivered more than $700 million of bespoke plant and systems in the Kingdom. Multiple petroleum refineries, PDH (propane dehydrogenation) and PP (polypropylene) sites are home to our Air Cooled Condensers (ACCs), a polycarbonate plant is home to our vent scrubber modules for clean air emission, and the largest phosphate plant in the world utilises our air coolers and filtration systems. To demonstrate our commitment to the Saudi market and to service its large installation base, we established a subsidiary company in the Kingdom in 2019. Local manufacture is managed through this entity.