Jord’s 2020 tour was somewhat compromised by the ravages of Covid. Or so we thought.

Bush Heritage’s Greg Carroll showcased his photography skills when Jord staff visited the remote Naree Reserve

An arid patch of ground some 1,500 km north-west of Brisbane hit global headlines in 2013, with the exciting re-discovery of the Night Parrot, a nocturnal ground dwelling parrot previously thought extinct.

Oct 2019

Back of Bourke

As a metaphor for a place far from anywhere, “back of Bourke” was coined for a reason.

This fourth instalment of Jord’s annual Bush Heritage weekend involved 19 of us flying to its 60,000 hectare Carnarvon Reserve in central Queensland.

The third Jord Foundation (JET) roadshow was closer to home, just a 4 hour drive southwest of Sydney, to Scottsdale, a 1,300 hectare Bush Heritage property nestled on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.

Bush Heritage Australia purchased Boolcoomatta in 2006 and is painstakingly restoring the land to its original condition. A dozen Jord staff enjoyed a long weekend on the property, engaging in some bush regeneration activities.

Jord’s JET trust funded the installation of a 10 kW solar powered energy system to provide the necessary power that allows Bush Heritage residents and visiting scientists to conduct station management and research projects in relative comfort.

JET funded a project to upgrade the water treatment and storage capability of the staff quarters.