This guy is the best of the best, as judged by the many people at Jord who have had the honour and pleasure to work with him.

Whether in work or in life, problems that arise have always been met with a shrug of the shoulders and a laugh, followed by “we will find a way to fix it the problem”. The (previously) ubiquitous clove
cigarette may no longer be there, but the smile still remains.

This publication phoned around various people for a quick word about Busra, to mark his 20th year at Jord. Common themes included “absolute legend”, “technically astute”, “easy to work with”, “generous with time and knowledge”. Our favourite description was “a warrior”. Not only has Busra fought and won the good fight for Jord on many projects over two decades, he’s more recently fought and won the most important one of all, in regards to his health.

God bless you Busra, your wife Danawati, your four kids and five (for now) grandsons. Stay strong, warrior!