It was urgent. Really urgent.  Replacement propane condenser bundles were required for a LNG plant.  Our customers systems and approval procedures could not allow them to procure quickly enough.  As a gesture of goodwill to this long-standing customer, Jord made an Executive decision to overrule our own ISO procedures, procuring the required materials on the strength of a handshake. Just like in the old days.

Component deliveries were closely expedited and airfreighted to Jord’s air cooler fabrication centre in Malaysia.  The urgency of the assignment was explained to our work crew, who immediately agreed to work 20 hour days, 7 days week, to meet an air freight window.

The accompanying image shows one of the bundles being rear-loaded into the aircraft. It was a tight fit, with precious little room either side for these 15.5m (L) x 3.2m (W) bundles.  Here’s a huge thanks to the project team, spanning Australia, Malaysia and India, who delivered to our customers expectations on this fast track delivery.