Cletus participated in an industry challenge, organized by the University of Queensland, that focused on problems and opportunities surrounding drinking water. 40 teams comprising 140 participants took part in the challenge. Cletus’ team secured 2nd place for their idea, which they called “WaTech Sensors”.

The problem identified by the team was drinking water being contaminated by physical, chemical, biological and radiological substances between distribution and consumption. This results in diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery & typhoid.

WaTech’s solution comprised a sensor that acts as an IOT device (Internet Of Things) that transmits measured water quality parameters such as hardness, pH, color & turbidity from various distribution networks. This data is then aggregated and processed against standard drinking water guidelines in a cloud framework. The processed data can then be viewed at the point of water consumption by scanning a QR code.

In this way, WaTech’s idea keeps the community informed about water quality in real time, at water fountains, restaurants and other public locations. No matter where you are, WaTech sensors allow you to consume water with confidence. Good work, Cletus!