Australia is good at exporting its natural gas – mostly in the form of LNG to North Asia. But lousy when it comes to delivering natural gas for local domestic and industrial use. Jemena is helping to rectify this by developing with Senex the Altas gas field in the renowned Darling Downs of south west Queensland.

As part of this development, Jemena placed an order on Jord for the supply of a glycol dehydration unit (a “GDU”). Raw natural gas is saturated with water when it’s extracted from underground reservoirs. This water needs to be removed prior to transportation down the pipeline, since free moisture will result in the formation of hydrates and lead to corrosion in the downstream facilities.

The moisture is first absorbed by triethylene glycol (TEG) solvent in an absorber (or contactor) column. It then gets boiled off into the atmosphere in a stripper column, allowing the TEG to be regenerated for re-use in the contactor. Jord supplied this package in modular form to minimize site installation work. The glycol contactor column was designed to be shipped in two parts, so the module remained within the maximum allowable transportation footprint.

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