Reshin Rahuman

Jord just completed its first bi-carbonate soda blasting of finned tubes at an APA compressor station in central western NSW. Reshin worked through 12 hour days on site, working 7 days a week. And all this whilst fasting for Ramadan. Ramadan is a special time to connect with family and the community. Instead, Reshin spent countless hours cramped in a plenum chamber, covered in fine white dust. Not once did he mention his fasting or ask for a break. Reshin is a soldier, fighting for Jord on the front lines with valour.

Shweta Thakur & Parag Thakkar

Covid has disrupted our lives in profound and unprecedented ways. All of us were worried about our relatives, friends and our jord community as a whole. Many Jord people became covid patients & struggled with anxiety, grief, isolation, lack of information, timely testing and/or proper medical treatment. In the face of this, Parag and Shweta personally reached out to all covid sufferers in Baroda & Hyderabad. Their acts of care made a huge difference, helping people to talk openly about their fears, the day-to-day challenges they were experiencing and the personal needs they required. Jord is indebted to them both for their innumerable acts of kindness.

Kirtan Vanecha & Sapan Sapkal

These two gentlemen in our Baroda E&I department took extra effort to complete standardization work in Electrical and Instrumentation activities. This has already greatly helped improve both our document execution time and our error free statistics. Instrument Lists, Input/Output lists, Cable lists & schedules, Alarm and Trip setpoint lists, instrument data sheets and JB lists & wiring diagrams are now all generated within a common “Master Workbook” database. This has been a great leap forward in de-bottlenecking and simplifying what has traditionally been a relatively troublesome area for us.

Mounica Mondreti

Mounica has been multi-tasking in uncertain times, managing her office process design team whilst juggling her family and her Covid struck parents. All this without ever dropping her focus on How to Win. Mounica has a passion to develop gas treating at Jord. And the patience to nurture various demanding customers whilst taking any failures as a step to success. Mounica’s perseverance has not waivered during this time. For the recent CPECC success, she attended a staggering 60 technical meetings over a two year period. The resulting $10m+ order made all this worthwhile. Well done Mounica.