Jord’s Hubei China based project team was well advanced in delivering a heavy workshop loading program as it closed down for the 2020 Chinese New Year festivities. Operations were scheduled to resume on 3rd February. Then came Covid-19 and with it, the Hubei provincial lock down. The workshop was barred shut and our staff were prohibited from returning to the workshop.

This inconvenience was first pushed through by working from home, negotiating with suppliers via phone and email. Brainstorming sessions came up with new ideas to tackle the situation and combat the mammoth workload.

After a 50-day lock down, restrictions were finally lifted. Focus turned to getting its backlog of gas turbine accessory modules out the door.  Our principal customer GE and our workshop partner YMD showed good understanding throughout.  Miraculously, all deliveries were recovered without impact to overall project delivery schedules.

Congratulations to the Jord Energy team for demonstrating a Can Do attitude in overcoming what at the time appeared insurmountable odds.