There’s been a lot of discussion about employee engagement as businesses have adapted to a virtual working environment through the COVID pandemic. Our response has relied on sound technology and systems for connectivity, as well as a loyal team that believes in continuing to work towards the company vision. The truth is there are many people and culture initiatives that engage and empower teams. But I believe there are two essential elements to motivating and retaining an elite team.

Firstly, it’s the people and the relationships you develop at work that impact happiness. At the Jord Group, for example, our engineers span 25 nationalities and speak 40 languages so we have opportunities to interact and learn from each other with unique and different backgrounds. We also invest in developing line manager capabilities because, when we have stronger relationships in the workplace, we’re more likely to collaborate and value our work together. Having a leader that can genuinely connect with and inspire people is also very powerful.

The second essential element to retaining an elite team is the work experience that you get on the job. Due to the innovative and nimble approach at Jord, our staff are exposed to a range of different industries and technologies they might not otherwise have access to. Through investment in research and development initiatives, we are testing and bringing new products to market such as the Viper filtration for minerals processing, as well as expanding into emerging markets such as crystallisation plants for battery chemicals and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities for oil and gas. The pride and passion that comes with pioneering new industry solutions is strong.

We further strengthen employee engagement by providing third party training opportunities, holding an annual conference to bring people together, as well as empowering people to set their own goals and make their own decisions through a ‘network of teams’ program.

An engagement program isn’t complete without measurement and I’m please to say our most recent engagement score of 81 percent is in the top 25 percent of all companies on the Culture Amp platform which aligns with our goal to be an elite company.

Despite the numbers, the best proof that a company is a good place to work is the long-serving staff members. Some of our clients have relationships spanning decades with particular team members and we couldn’t be prouder of that consistency, experience and retained knowledge.