Catastrophic events are quick to make headlines, get global support for the first few weeks, but are often soon forgotten. We take this opportunity to tell a good story about one Jord staff member’s selfless and relentless effort to keep a flame of hope in others burning.

In November 2013 super typhoon Yolanda – the strongest typhoon recorded in Philipino history – left at least 10,000 killed.

Jord Group Compliance Manager Jessie Salazar spearheaded a campaign for Jord to help give immediate assistance to people left homeless and destitute in the town of Tacloban. Our JET donation was delivered direct to recipients, in collaboration with the Red Cross, via some of our staff volunteering their time to distribute food and other essential items.

Some two years after the event, Jessie continues to devote much of her spare time in supporting ongoing rehabilitation efforts. She travels regularly to Tacloban and provides the following report from her latest visit.

“Even today, some residents still live in tents provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Indeed, although money continues to dribble in, damaged government offices and school buildings remain unrepaired; and many of those who lost their means of livelihood are still struggling to find steady work.

There is so much still needing to be done that sometimes it can be overwhelming. On the other hand, it offers a great opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

So what can be done? Health and sanitation projects, especially the provision of clean and safe drinking water through building artesian wells. Solar power to provide homes and streets with lighting. Computers and internet connectivity for schools to give students access to knowledge that a lot of others take for granted. Technological and financial support for projects like hydroponic and aquaculture, to provide families with sustainable and eco-friendly sources of livelihood. This will allow them to provide for their own needs, without relying on hand outs and the goodness of other people’s hearts.”

Jord thanks Jessie, for continuing to care and for helping to keep the flame of hope burning in others.