Introducing Jord Malaysia

Over the last 50 years, we’ve installed thousands of bundles spanning six continents and more than 80 countries.

Key features include:

  • Strict safety first policy.
  • Proven quality and on-time delivery performance.
  • Round the clock operating capability.
  • Easy international shipping access.
  • Expertise in a range of exotic metallurgy.
  • ASME code stamp accredited.
  • Certified to the latest ISO operating standards.

The fight back begins

Jord’s Hubei China based project team was well advanced in delivering a heavy workshop loading program as it closed down for the 2020 Chinese New Year festivities. Operations were scheduled to resume on 3rd February. Then came Covid-19 and with it, the Hubei provincial lock down. The workshop was barred shut and our staff were prohibited from returning to the workshop.

This inconvenience was first pushed through by working from home, negotiating with suppliers via phone and email. Brainstorming sessions came up with new ideas to tackle the situation and combat the mammoth workload.

After a 50-day lock down, restrictions were finally lifted. Focus turned to getting its backlog of gas turbine accessory modules out the door.  Our principal customer GE and our workshop partner YMD showed good understanding throughout.  Miraculously, all deliveries were recovered without impact to overall project delivery schedules.

Congratulations to the Jord Energy team for demonstrating a Can Do attitude in overcoming what at the time appeared insurmountable odds.

Roadtripping 7,700km

This sure would be one great hitch hike. While most of us were bunkered down at home under remote work lockdown, 40 intrepid truck drivers were transporting 120 x Jord ACC tube bundles from the east coast of China 7,700 km across some of the most remote forests, deserts and steppes on earth.

Their destination was the northern coast of the Caspian Sea, where Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries (KPI) is developing a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and polypropylene (PP) plant. The map on the right sets out the route taken. A large section of the journey followed the fabled silk road of ancient times.

The ACCs steel structures were delivered by ship from Dubai and mechanical components were trucked from Germany through Russia. You can imagine the paperwork involved with this.

Our two ACCs on this order condense exhaust steam from steam turbine driven compressors. The biggest operating challenge is maintaining performance across extreme weather conditions. The minimum winter air ambient temperature is -38 deg C whereas the maximum summer ambient is 50 deg C.

Omani CCPP commences commissioning

Despite the Covid-19 global pandemic, efforts are underway to commission the 90MW Lekhwair combined cycle power plant (CCPP) for PDO Oman.   Jord’s scope comprises an Air-Cooled Condenser and an 11-module fuel gas treatment and delivery plant.   It has been a technical triumph. This was not your average power plant. There were literally thousands of pages of specifications, Shell DEP amongst them, all tailored to oil & gas service rather than power service. and all interpreted differently, by owner consultants and other interested parties.


It was urgent. Really urgent.  Replacement propane condenser bundles were required for a LNG plant.  Our customers systems and approval procedures could not allow them to procure quickly enough.  As a gesture of goodwill to this long-standing customer, Jord made an Executive decision to overrule our own ISO procedures, procuring the required materials on the strength of a handshake. Just like in the old days.

Component deliveries were closely expedited and airfreighted to Jord’s air cooler fabrication centre in Malaysia.  The urgency of the assignment was explained to our work crew, who immediately agreed to work 20 hour days, 7 days week, to meet an air freight window.

The accompanying image shows one of the bundles being rear-loaded into the aircraft. It was a tight fit, with precious little room either side for these 15.5m (L) x 3.2m (W) bundles.  Here’s a huge thanks to the project team, spanning Australia, Malaysia and India, who delivered to our customers expectations on this fast track delivery.

Glycol dehydration for Jemena

Australia is good at exporting its natural gas – mostly in the form of LNG to North Asia. But lousy when it comes to delivering natural gas for local domestic and industrial use. Jemena is helping to rectify this by developing with Senex the Altas gas field in the renowned Darling Downs of south west Queensland.

As part of this development, Jemena placed an order on Jord for the supply of a glycol dehydration unit (a “GDU”). Raw natural gas is saturated with water when it’s extracted from underground reservoirs. This water needs to be removed prior to transportation down the pipeline, since free moisture will result in the formation of hydrates and lead to corrosion in the downstream facilities.

The moisture is first absorbed by triethylene glycol (TEG) solvent in an absorber (or contactor) column. It then gets boiled off into the atmosphere in a stripper column, allowing the TEG to be regenerated for re-use in the contactor. Jord supplied this package in modular form to minimize site installation work. The glycol contactor column was designed to be shipped in two parts, so the module remained within the maximum allowable transportation footprint.

For more information on this project please CLICK HERE

A Rising Sun

It’s apropos that the sun was recently captured rising over our nickel sulphate crystalliser in Kwinana, Western Australia. It’s a nice metaphor for the bright start JordProxa has enjoyed with its fledgling but rapidly emerging battery chemical business.  Shortly after this photo was taken, the vessel and its accompanying centrifuge were lifted into place amongst Jord’s six “plug and play” modules that comprise this crystallisation process plant.

Whilst Jord’s plant reached mechanical completion on schedule, upstream delays will prevent our plant firing into action – producing high grade battery chemicals – before mid 2021.