A warrior marks his 20th year at Jord

This guy is the best of the best, as judged by the many people at Jord who have had the honour and pleasure to work with him.

Whether in work or in life, problems that arise have always been met with a shrug of the shoulders and a laugh, followed by “we will find a way to fix it the problem”. The (previously) ubiquitous clove
cigarette may no longer be there, but the smile still remains.

This publication phoned around various people for a quick word about Busra, to mark his 20th year at Jord. Common themes included “absolute legend”, “technically astute”, “easy to work with”, “generous with time and knowledge”. Our favourite description was “a warrior”. Not only has Busra fought and won the good fight for Jord on many projects over two decades, he’s more recently fought and won the most important one of all, in regards to his health.

God bless you Busra, your wife Danawati, your four kids and five (for now) grandsons. Stay strong, warrior!

An end to bottled water?

Cletus participated in an industry challenge, organized by the University of Queensland, that focused on problems and opportunities surrounding drinking water. 40 teams comprising 140 participants took part in the challenge. Cletus’ team secured 2nd place for their idea, which they called “WaTech Sensors”.

The problem identified by the team was drinking water being contaminated by physical, chemical, biological and radiological substances between distribution and consumption. This results in diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery & typhoid.

WaTech’s solution comprised a sensor that acts as an IOT device (Internet Of Things) that transmits measured water quality parameters such as hardness, pH, color & turbidity from various distribution networks. This data is then aggregated and processed against standard drinking water guidelines in a cloud framework. The processed data can then be viewed at the point of water consumption by scanning a QR code.

In this way, WaTech’s idea keeps the community informed about water quality in real time, at water fountains, restaurants and other public locations. No matter where you are, WaTech sensors allow you to consume water with confidence. Good work, Cletus!

Smiles all around

The accompanying image shows a few of Jord Malaysia’s workshop crew, celebrating the successful Factory Acceptance Test of gas compressor air cooled heat exchangers. The air coolers are to be delivered to a XTO (Exxon) gas field in the Permean Basin of New Mexico. COVID prevented our American friends witnessing the test in Malaysia. However, they were on-hand over Zoom and together with 3rd Party Inspectors, signed off successful completion of all required test work. There were 15 air cooler bays in total. Three of them can be seen in the background of the photo. The air cooler train was way too big to undertake this work under roof in Jord’s workshop. So cranes were hired in to assemble and test the train in a holding bay outside the workshop.

Finding that work - life balance

Thanks to Sydney based Design Engineer Luke Gay for submitting the adjacent image from a trek he did with three work comrades last week. They took Thursday and Friday off to clear their heads by hiking the world-renowned Coast Track. This 26km path winds its way along the dramatic coastline wilderness of the Royal National Park. Stretching from the southern outskirts of Sydney pretty much to Wollongong, it boasts lookouts, secluded beaches, whale watching (in season) and bugger all else.

If you’re in a hurry, you can do it over a long day. But Michael Luu, Chris Bryant, Hammad Muzzafar and Luke took their time over two days, to flick flies and smell the wildflowers, camping out under the stars for a night of tall tales and quiet reflection.

Everyone at Jord is encouraged to find that right balance, whether this be time with friends or family. Or simply time alone, finally doing something about that hobby you’ve never before had time to pursue.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021


As a draughtsperson in our Sydney office, Myra initially focused on 2D drafting until she completed training for Autodesk Inventor which is a 3D modelling software package for mechanical design. “Since then, my role has evolved to include different types of drawings for the mechanical, electrical and process engineering departments,” said Myra. Recently, Myra was part of a small team that secured the first contract under BHP’s Supplier Innovation Program and she’s also been involved in our patented Viper filtration technology. “I’m most proud of working on such new and innovative projects. Whilst these products are challenging to work on, it is also exciting to see the successful implementation of such new technology with a motivated team of colleagues.” Myra encourages other women to be confident in what you bring to the table. “I believe my greatest strength is my efficiency and versatility. With varied experiences across multiple departments, I bring resourcing flexibility to the company.”


Zarizam is a key member of the finance team at our manufacturing facility in Malaysia. People who know Zarizam remember her for her unwavering positive attitude and for being a team player. “We are only a small team here in Malaysia and hence everyone needs to contribute for things to work. I always try to ensure that we have good communication in order to share the load and make sure no one is struggling,” she said. When the finance team recently upgraded its accounting system, Zarizam got involved in testing and identifying any teething issues to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. “Women are able to bring a different perspective which can result in better business outcomes. I am thankful to Jord for supporting myself and other women to succeed in such a male-dominated industry.”


Zarna encourages other women to “never forget their strength,” adding that her own personal strengths are passion for her work, adaptability to new work, and soft communication skills. As a structural design engineer at our Baroda office, Zarna is responsible for design and detailing of structural steel related activities for a variety of equipment and process plants, and she often coordinates 3D models and supports the sales team with quotes for bids. “Representing my department at the 2018 Jord conference in Sydney was such a proud moment for me,” said Zarna. She says women have the ability to manage work-life balance and she often works with her team to plan activities so no one has to stay late at the office.


Claudia is a Document Controller based in our Singapore office who says she is known for handling all of her work with love and meticulous attention to detail. Since 2011, Jord has relied on Claudia’s careful management of project documents, which includes preparing and checking documents ready for issue at major project milestones, in addition to maintaining all customer specifications and ensuring drawings remain in good shape for traceability. Claudia says she is “proud to work for Jord where men and women are given equal opportunity to be involved in Jord’s vision.”


We welcome expressions of interest from women who would like to be part of an international company and who share Jord’s values of ideas, talent, culture, value and rigour. Learn more and submit your resume at https://www.jord.com.au/careers/.

Recent Jord “Can-Do” award winners 2021

Reshin Rahuman

Jord just completed its first bi-carbonate soda blasting of finned tubes at an APA compressor station in central western NSW. Reshin worked through 12 hour days on site, working 7 days a week. And all this whilst fasting for Ramadan. Ramadan is a special time to connect with family and the community. Instead, Reshin spent countless hours cramped in a plenum chamber, covered in fine white dust. Not once did he mention his fasting or ask for a break. Reshin is a soldier, fighting for Jord on the front lines with valour.

Shweta Thakur & Parag Thakkar

Covid has disrupted our lives in profound and unprecedented ways. All of us were worried about our relatives, friends and our jord community as a whole. Many Jord people became covid patients & struggled with anxiety, grief, isolation, lack of information, timely testing and/or proper medical treatment. In the face of this, Parag and Shweta personally reached out to all covid sufferers in Baroda & Hyderabad. Their acts of care made a huge difference, helping people to talk openly about their fears, the day-to-day challenges they were experiencing and the personal needs they required. Jord is indebted to them both for their innumerable acts of kindness.

Kirtan Vanecha & Sapan Sapkal

These two gentlemen in our Baroda E&I department took extra effort to complete standardization work in Electrical and Instrumentation activities. This has already greatly helped improve both our document execution time and our error free statistics. Instrument Lists, Input/Output lists, Cable lists & schedules, Alarm and Trip setpoint lists, instrument data sheets and JB lists & wiring diagrams are now all generated within a common “Master Workbook” database. This has been a great leap forward in de-bottlenecking and simplifying what has traditionally been a relatively troublesome area for us.

Mounica Mondreti

Mounica has been multi-tasking in uncertain times, managing her office process design team whilst juggling her family and her Covid struck parents. All this without ever dropping her focus on How to Win. Mounica has a passion to develop gas treating at Jord. And the patience to nurture various demanding customers whilst taking any failures as a step to success. Mounica’s perseverance has not waivered during this time. For the recent CPECC success, she attended a staggering 60 technical meetings over a two year period. The resulting $10m+ order made all this worthwhile. Well done Mounica.

The Two Essential Elements for Employee Engagement

There’s been a lot of discussion about employee engagement as businesses have adapted to a virtual working environment through the COVID pandemic. Our response has relied on sound technology and systems for connectivity, as well as a loyal team that believes in continuing to work towards the company vision. The truth is there are many people and culture initiatives that engage and empower teams. But I believe there are two essential elements to motivating and retaining an elite team.

Firstly, it’s the people and the relationships you develop at work that impact happiness. At the Jord Group, for example, our engineers span 25 nationalities and speak 40 languages so we have opportunities to interact and learn from each other with unique and different backgrounds. We also invest in developing line manager capabilities because, when we have stronger relationships in the workplace, we’re more likely to collaborate and value our work together. Having a leader that can genuinely connect with and inspire people is also very powerful.

The second essential element to retaining an elite team is the work experience that you get on the job. Due to the innovative and nimble approach at Jord, our staff are exposed to a range of different industries and technologies they might not otherwise have access to. Through investment in research and development initiatives, we are testing and bringing new products to market such as the Viper filtration for minerals processing, as well as expanding into emerging markets such as crystallisation plants for battery chemicals and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities for oil and gas. The pride and passion that comes with pioneering new industry solutions is strong.

We further strengthen employee engagement by providing third party training opportunities, holding an annual conference to bring people together, as well as empowering people to set their own goals and make their own decisions through a ‘network of teams’ program.

An engagement program isn’t complete without measurement and I’m please to say our most recent engagement score of 81 percent is in the top 25 percent of all companies on the Culture Amp platform which aligns with our goal to be an elite company.

Despite the numbers, the best proof that a company is a good place to work is the long-serving staff members. Some of our clients have relationships spanning decades with particular team members and we couldn’t be prouder of that consistency, experience and retained knowledge.

Supporting colleagues through the COVID crisis

As the pandemic disrupts our lives in unprecedented ways, acts of kindness and care from colleagues make a huge difference. Jord is indebted to a number of our people around the world, for helping and guiding others at Jord who were in need of support at various times. India’s brutal second pandemic wave saw extraordinary acts of selflessness from, a number of individuals. We are grateful to the many people who went the extra mile to help others. Of particular note were :

Rinku Harijan, who went out of his way to assist colleagues in our Baroda design hub, by delivering food, medicine and running errands those who were ill at home or in hospital. He also volunteered to take extra responsibilities that lightened the load of others hit harder by the virus.

Jignesh Shah donated food kits and volunteered to help families in need via the Sanskriti Foundation, in partnership with Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Some 340 kits – 900kg of food – were delivered during the three months of nationwide lockdown. Jignesh also joined a few others at Jord in participating in a blood donation drive, when a local shortage of blood became evident..

Shweta Thakur and Parag Thakkar took it upon themselves to connect personally with everyone at Jord who were affected in both Baroda and Hyderabad. They encouraged people to talk openly, to help overcome fears, challenges and personal needs. They also assisted in accelerating the vaccination roll out in our offices. As a result, 100% of our Jord India people are now double vaccinated.

As daily COVID cases in India decline and vaccination rates increase, our two offices are returning to normal operation. We were pleased to see the teams come together to mark Jord’s 49th birthday and India’s 75th Independence Day. We’re proud of the Can Do attitude and strong team spirit they were able to demonstrate, despite the challenging times.

A look back at 2021

With the COVID pandemic continuing, it was another big year for the Jord Group. Despite the uncertainty and challenges in business conditions, we managed to execute and deliver to our clients’ requirements and built a healthy backlog of new work to establish a strong foundation for the new year. Here are a few of our favourite things from 2021.

Securing a contract under the Supplier Innovation Program Challenge

Jord was awarded the first contract from BHP under their Supplier Innovation Program Challenge that was launched in partnership with Austmine. In January, Jord signed a Collaborative Agreement with BHP to design and construct the first prototype of its idea, working hand-in-hand with the maintenance team at BMA’s Caval Ridge Mine, near Moranbah in Queensland. Jord’s idea is a safer way to perform maintenance on filter presses that remove moisture from coal rejects at the wash plant.

Expanding our footprint and continuing to diversify

We secured new orders across industries and geographies, including: a 155 MMSCFD high temperature sour gas TEG dehydration unit and fuel gas treatment unit in the Middle East; a horizontal vacuum belt filter for the Sukari gold mine paste plant in Egypt; a significant contract to provide replacement up-rated boiler safety relief valves to a major Australian power generation supplier; the design and supply of two O-frame modularised HRSG’s installed behind Siemens SGT-800-57 GTs as part of a new 120MWe cogen plant in South East Asia; and our clean air division started delivering low energy venturi scrubbers in the agricultural sector, building on five decades of experience in mineral and chemical processing applications.

We also completed projects, including: delivering a combined lube oil and hydraulic module to the 1,650 MW Bismayah III CCPP in Baghdad; four topside modules to be installed on an offshore gas processing facilities in the North Sea; and we were excited to see the first crystals produced at BHP Nickel West, having designed and supplied the crystalliser to achieve the purity levels required for lithium-ion batteries.

Giving back to the community

Jord contributes a percentage of group profit each year to the Jord Environment Trust (JET Foundation) which has a mandate to donate funds to causes that foster a biologically diverse and sustainable planet. Through 2021, our total distributed funds exceeded $1 million and our people spent significant time providing pro-bono support. We provided ongoing support to two strategic organisations that align with our values: Bush Heritage Australia for environmental regeneration and Conservation International for establishment of a 700 sq km marine park in Indonesia.

Investing in research and development

We became an official industry partner of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals. The centre aims to transform Australia’s minerals industry through research around three key goals: increase energy and water productivity; improve mineral recovery; and train a new generation of research leaders to support the sector. As a partner, our minerals processing team is working with Laureate Professor Kevin Galvin and his team at the University of Newcastle to deliver new technologies at full scale in the industry.

Supporting clients remotely

Through the continuing COVID pandemic, remote inspections have helped us to overcome the challenge of having geographically dispersed teams and international clients. We undertake remote inspections by video link, which involves a local Quality Control inspector moving a camera very methodically around the modules in the fabrication workshop. A key benefit we discovered was that remote inspections allow us to refer to all the available engineering information in the office – such as the 3D model and P&IDs – at the same time that we are inspecting the equipment, resulting in more thorough collaborative reviews in real time.

Human resources industry leadership

Jord Head of People and Culture, Erin Collins was announced as a finalist for the Knowledge Access Leadership Award, which recognises best-in-class industry leadership from right around the world. Erin has developed and executed the people and culture plan, managed organisational change, supported innovation and continuous improvement.

One of our human resource highlights in 2021 was the annual internal conference. Despite being held online, it was one of the most successful conferences in the history of the company. The Olympics-themed conference sparked our competitive spirit. It involved teams from all major global offices delivering presentations to their colleagues, with some major team prizes at stake.

As 2021 draws to a close, we would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, colleagues, friends and families for their ongoing support. We hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe break. We look forward to seeing you in 2022 when we celebrate our 50-year anniversary.

Our Latest Can-Do Award Winners

We believe the “can-do” attitude of our people is the reason Jord has achieved 50 years of experience and continues to grow. To celebrate our signature can-do culture, we periodically invite team members to nominate their colleagues who have demonstrated innovative thinking and who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Amanulla Rabbani

Rabbani has spent more than 100 nights in hotel quarantine since March 2020. From his home base of the UAE, Rabbani selflessly farewelled his young family on multiple occasions to champion site service missions around the globe, including Trinidad, Peru, Egypt, Oman and Saudi Arabia which required strict quarantine protocols. Rabbani kept his trademark humour throughout it all. We are all very appreciative of this commitment.

Cameron Melville and Sherwin Morgan

With an aim to secure government funding for a NovaCell demonstration plant, Cameron and Sherwin were tasked with finding an end user to host and help finance the plant. As the grant application deadline was approaching, Cameron hopped in his car and drove to a regional NSW mine to secure support in person. His efforts were successful and Jord was pleased to engage an industry partner for the next step in bringing this groundbreaking flotation technology to the market.

Mohd Hafizzul Bin Mohd Jait

Hafizzul originally joined Jord as a young intern and his skills, attitude and sincerity were immediately recognised. We formalised a Quality Control Inspector role for him which he quickly mastered. During the tough COVID period, Hafizzul has been the only office member to remain full time in the workshop the whole time. His concentration and commitment to his tasks are highly commendable.

Mukesh Pandian, Ganesh Panneerselvam, Srikanth Singamsetty and Nikul Mevada

The team made a tremendous effort to complete parameterisation of some key plant designs. These parametric models will substantially help to reduce the overall time for modelling and detailing of future projects, with savings anticipated of up to 45 percent. This will add great value for our clients. Well done, team!

Myra Walker and Chirag Solanki

When Sherwin Morgan joined the Jord team, he contacted Myra and Chirag seeking their assistance with producing images for a new Novacell brochure and marketing campaign. Myra and Chirag were generous with their time and patient with many change requests. This was all done outside normal work time and made a newcomer feel very welcome and supported.

Rebecca Graham

Rebecca has demonstrated exceptional customer service by going the extra mile to ensure parts were delivered to a remote Australian mine on short notice. A client expressed their appreciation: “I would like to express my upmost gratitude for your efforts… The 5,000 km journey to site could not have been achieved in such a short span of time without you being personally involved. It is a testament to your level of service you provide every day.”

Shailaja Sandela

Shailaja is a solid team player at the best of times, always ready to share success with others. During the challenges of COVID, Shailaja worked tirelessly to secure a multi-million-dollar order in the Middle East. Her resilience, self-belief and fighting spirit through an extended tender process makes her more than worthy of a Can-Do award.

Stephen Turner

On many occasions since the beginning of lockdown, Stephen’s prompt, proactive and results-driven IT assistance has allowed us to save lots of time, particularly with ongoing finance department tasks and duties. The way Stephen approaches his work is a true example of Jord’s values.