A final ball cricket classic

Taking place at Perth’s picturesque Leeming Spartan Cricket Ground, the home side ultimately triumphed in Jord’s annual World Cricket Challenge, in fast-fading light and on the very last ball.

The Aussies elected first use of the willow, posting a competitive 130 in the allotted 20 overs. In pursuit, the World XI were in dire straits at 3 for 8 after 6 overs. To the astonishment of the teeming, boisterous crowd, the tenacious World XI rebuilt to require just 7 runs from the final over.

Five super-tight balls on a length meant a 6 was needed off the final ball. Amidst calls for a Trevor Chappell under-arm, another beauty was bowled and the World XI fell short by 4.

30 Year Milestone

Emilio recalled his job interview in Phil Blundell’s office in August 1989, where he was handed a beer within the first 5 minutes, and then told he had the job.

He earned his job not just because of his honours degree in Chem Eng from Sydney University, but due to his working style – best described as precise – which was immediately apparent.

Thirty years later, attention to detail and rigour remains his mantra.

Ganesh Chaturthi

We’re an agnostic company, supportive of and curious about all peace-loving beliefs, religions and ideas.

Recently our team in India celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Ganesh, the famous elephant headed god, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Symbolising wisdom, prosperity and good fortune, it should be no surprise that Ganesh is a favourite for many of us.

This year, Baroda celebrated the festival by creating its own “eco-friendly” Ganesh. This idol enjoyed 5 days of prayers and 56 different food offerings prepared by our staff.

With heavy hearts, the idol was then immersed into water (the office courtyard pond), to re-emerge next year and hopefully bring good luck.

Century makers

Four more names have been etched into Jord’s 10 year service honour board. This brings the total of men and women, past and present, who have worked more than 10 years at Jord to over 100.

Singapore based Mouli Arani, our Technical Manager – Energy, being handed a certificate and gift by Gourinath.

Next to be honoured is Hyderabad based Systems Developer Nisha Khurana, receiving plaudits from Shweta.

Then there are two Jord Malaysia staff. Plant Manager Sundara has the pleasure of presenting 10 year milestone awards to Finance Executive Zarizam Badur.

Peter Pitchemuthu from the Stores Dept. Peter is responsible for receiving and (most importantly) checking materials that arrive at Jord Malaysia.

Jord “Can-Do” award winners 2019

Mary Briones
Over the past 6 months Mary supported various offices whilst various office admin staff took leave. Mary twice uprooted her life in Dubai. On short notice, she accepted lengthy secondments to Sydney and Singapore. Mary’s efforts ensured minimal disruption resulted.

Her efforts at the Singapore office relocation included sifting through a decade of archives, consigning over 200 kg of paper to the recyclers.

Suresh Ramanathan
Suresh’s efforts on the CPECC Iraqi Fuel Gas skids were truly out of the box. Specifications were complex, language barriers made technical negotiations difficult, and a shortened delivery schedule required some scope to be carried out on site in Iraq.

Suresh kept his cool, operating on a “whatever it takes” basis, and his exceptional commitment kept an important customer happy.

James Lee
Flexibility and a Can-Do attitude won this award for James. Recently transferred into a sales role, he readily agreed to resume his former project-manager role as well, when the chips were down and his services were required.

James soon found himself in business development too, working with SB Park to source and secure two new fabrication partners, one for air coolers and another for belt filters.

This man has many hats, so hats off to him and his attitude.