Jord’s competitive advantage is our intimate knowledge of the processes and equipment involved in plant design and construct. Our projects are designed by Jord in collaboration with the client and fabricated at a workshop best suited to the task, where as much scope as practical is undertaken in an controlled environment, and delivered in modular form. The earlier we are involved, the more genuine value we can add to the design process.

Two examples of our work demonstrate the benefits of this approach.

For a brownfield oil and gas project in the North Sea, Jord offered an alternative design to that proposed in the initial design brief. Jord’s design consolidated various process systems into three modules, each about 250 tons in weight. It generated multiple benefits to the customer: lowering capital expense, reducing site installation time and freeing up valuable platform space for other use.

For a greenfield minerals dewatering facility, Jord’s turnkey delivery achieved a number of industry-first innovations in safety, operability and efficiency, extending to greatly simplified loading at the export rail siding. Perhaps the facility’s major breakthrough, however, was its funding. Rather than build a new plant immediately, Jord first worked with the client to double the throughput of the existing facility. Five years later, the client could pay for the new plant with the extra cashflow from its old one.


Other examples of Jord adding value to the Design and Construction process are :

Reducing SO2 emissions in Kalimantan – where Jord worked with its client to replace an expensive imported fuel source with a local one.

ACC delivered in modular form to remote Indonesian LNG plant

Modular delivery of battery chemical plant