NovaCell™ is a breakthrough in flotation equipment technology and provides efficient coarse and fine particle flotation in one device.

The novel design supports the growth of the critical minerals sector, by providing innovative, sustainable technology that achieves the following outcomes:

Enables lower energy input circuits for selective flotation

 Ensures efficient recovery of valuable minerals in simple and flexible circuits

Reduces water consumption and dust creation

Minimises the use of tailings dams through dry tailings disposal

Technical Details

• Capacity 60 – 1000 tph (dry) solids

• Typical particle size range 5 – 800 µm

• Downcomer capacity Up to 360 m3/h

• Feed Density 25 – 40% solids (w/w)

• Air-to-pulp ratio 0.6 – 1.2

• Mass Rejection 50 – 90%

• Froth Level Up to 0.4 m

NovaCell™ was developed by Laureate Professor Graeme Jameson and it is only available by Jord International.

For more information Email Sherwin Morgan or call +61467061121, or email Shaun Wait and call +61418582776.

Download the NovaCell™ Brochure for a copy of testwork results and detailed benefits.

NovaCell™ applications

NovaCell™ technology can be applied to precious metals, base metals, coal and industrial minerals. We test all types of commodities, and the technology has a unique ability to separate and recover a range of particle sizes – even for ore types with low levels of mineral liberation.  The typical applications include:

Coarse Gangue (Waste) Rejection– The NovaCell™ enables clients to reject a significant portion of waste material early in the process. As a result, mine operators can target higher throughputs, reduce energy consumption and/or install smaller downstream equipment.

Coarse Flotation-The NovaCell allows clients to separate valuable minerals at a coarse grind size. Installed at the head of the float circuit, mine operators can increase plant throughputs and/or reduce energy consumption whilst improving the overall metal recovery.

Tailings Scavenging– The NovaCell™ can be installed on a rougher scavenger tailings stream. This allows clients to increase the overall plant recovery and produce a ‘cleaner’ tailing with less acid-generating potential for disposal.

NovaCell™ Results

NovaCell™ technology has delivered promising results for a range of commodities, however the most extensive work has been undertaken on copper ores. The suitability of the technology for Coarse Gangue (Waste) Rejection and Coarse Flotation is shown below.  Copper recoveries above 85% are achieved at relatively coarse flotation feed grind sizes.

The NovaCell™ investigated in Tailings Scavenging has produced exceptional results. On average, 55% additional copper is recovered from plant tailings material.

NovaCell™ Pilot Plant

The NovaCell™ pilot plant is being operated at various mines sites to support the implementation of the technology at plant scale.  The design is modular for ease of transportation and implementation, and is available for hire or purchase.

NovaCell™ Full-scale Plant

Jord has 50 years of experience in design, manufacture, and installation of process plants. We can deliver the NovaCell™ technology as equipment supply or as a full turn-key solution, depending on your requirements.

NovaCell plant – design, engineering and procurement by Jord

This solution is EcoLogic and is part of Jord’s sustainable product offering. It offers significant energy efficiencies and water savings.

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