NovaCell™ technology provides efficient coarse and fine particle flotation in one device, with less energy and water consumption.

NovaCell™ is a breakthrough in flotation equipment technology, providing optimal conditions for 1 micron to 1 millimetre flotation recovery.

•    The novel design significantly reduces the total milling energy required for selective flotation recovery.

•    The fresh water consumption is minimal, incorporating a recycle stream to fluidise the system.

•    The device treats the full process flow in a simple flowsheet, with no need for an upfront fines removal plant.

•    Jord offers flexible delivery options, including modular plants with trial assembly.

NovaCell™ was developed by Laureate Professor Graeme Jameson and it is only available by Jord International.

For more information Email Sherwin Morgan or call +61467061121, or email Shaun Wait and call +61418582776.


NovaCell™ applications

NovaCell™ technology can be applied to precious metals, base metals, coal and industrial minerals. We test all types of commodities and the technology has a unique ability to separate and recover a range of particle sizes – even for ore types with low levels of mineral liberation.

Coarse Gangue (Waste) Rejection – The NovaCell™ enables clients to reject a significant portion of the feed early in the process. As a result, mine operators can reduce energy consumption, target higher mill throughputs, and/or install smaller downstream equipment.

Coarse Gangue (Waste) Rejection – NovaCell™ treating the SAG Mill discharge

Coarse Gangue (Waste) Rejection – NovaCell™ treating the Cyclone Underflow stream

Coarse Gangue (Waste) Rejection – NovaCell™ in rougher/scavenger duty

Tailings Scavenging – The NovaCell™ can be installed on a rougher scavenger tailings stream. This allows clients to improve the overall plant recovery and produce a ‘cleaner’ tailing with less acid-generating potential for disposal.

Tailings Scavenging – NovaCell™ treating conventional flotation tailings

Download the NovaCell™ Brochure for a copy of testwork results and detailed benefits.

This solution is EcoLogic and is part of Jord’s sustainable product offering. It offers significant energy efficiencies and water savings.

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