Thanks to Sydney based Design Engineer Luke Gay for submitting the adjacent image from a trek he did with three work comrades last week. They took Thursday and Friday off to clear their heads by hiking the world-renowned Coast Track. This 26km path winds its way along the dramatic coastline wilderness of the Royal National Park. Stretching from the southern outskirts of Sydney pretty much to Wollongong, it boasts lookouts, secluded beaches, whale watching (in season) and bugger all else.

If you’re in a hurry, you can do it over a long day. But Michael Luu, Chris Bryant, Hammad Muzzafar and Luke took their time over two days, to flick flies and smell the wildflowers, camping out under the stars for a night of tall tales and quiet reflection.

Everyone at Jord is encouraged to find that right balance, whether this be time with friends or family. Or simply time alone, finally doing something about that hobby you’ve never before had time to pursue.